Our Story

Suite 2E is a cozy recording studio located in Austin, TX. The brainchild of Ryan Young and Keith Hernandez, the space is designed to accommodate all types of musical endeavors. From tracking and mixing to writing and rehearsing, Suite 2E is the ideal space for your next musical project. 

The idea for Suite 2E came out of necessity. Ryan and Keith, who produce collectively as Brothercousin, often recorded in Ryan’s north central Austin home, rehearsal spaces around Austin, or just about anywhere they could set up a microphone. However, as business and Ryan’s family began to grow, their operation needed to expand. In 2014, they bought the most run down house on their block and through a year of hard work, transformed it into Suite 2E. The 1100 sq ft. space boasts a large live room for recording, a control room, an isolation booth, a guest bedroom, and a full service kitchen.  More information on the gear can be found here

Our Staff


Ryan Young is a seasoned musician and producer with over 20 years experience, focusing primarily on rock, pop, and singer/songwriters. In addition to his work at Suite 2E, he has teaches Music Theory, Digital Music Production, and Music Performance at the Griffin School in Austin, Texas, as well as maintaining his own private teaching studio. He's released four albums of original music, with a fifth expected in 2018.




Keith Hernandez has been passionate about audio since his first experience with an analog four track in 1998.  He has since produced, mixed, mastered, and played in genres all along the musical spectrum, ranging from metal and hardcore to pop, hip-hop and folk. Keith is a 2005 graduate of The Recording Workshop in Ohio and is the drummer of the noisy hardcore band DSGNS.